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Monday, April 03, 2006

On Feminism

Awake and arise woman. No one can help you until you stand up for yourself. Woman you are so weak. You are so scared. Scared of your feelings. Of your desires. Of your Dreams. You, lying in your bed waiting……waiting for someone to make you feel like a woman…don’t be ashamed of your desires tonight. Speak up. Ask with self respect, demand with assertion. And YOU there, Felling low and tired today. Your body breaking down with all the days work. Your mind not in the right place ever since you called up home and found out mom isn’t doing well. Say NO with determination tonight.Woman stop being scared cause you have got nothing to loose. Life begins from and ends at you.

Recently one of my colleague resigned. She has been born and brought up in Delhi. She resigned cause she is leaving Delhi forever getting married to a well settled educated guy back there in Kerala.“Good part is that they have told me I can study as long as I want.”She has told me when she broke the news.“But what about your awaiting judiciary results. Have you taken that into consideration when you said yes to the proposal.” I asked. “What about the results. Doesn’t matter whether I crack or not. There’s aint any question of thinking twice. I can’t let go off my marriage for my career.” Couple of days later the results for the Main UP Judiciary Examinations were out. She cracked it. The qualifiers are appointed as a Munsif Magistrate in any of the districts in UP. Eventually the person with seniority and capability can go up the ladder till becoming a High Court Judge. She left it all just cause she had to marry. The day the results were out everyone in the office were busy congratulating her. Phone calls and sms(s) were pouring down on her with loads and loads of wishes and congrats. I probably was the only one who didn’t. I failed to understand why people were congratulating her? Her success was so futile and her hard work so gonna go in vain. Good part is she can study as long as she wants. She would have been administering justice for Christ sake. But she can’t let the man go. She can’t miss the catch.

Woman stop being the one who catches. Be the catch no man would want to miss. You don’t need them. They need you


  • relax! This isn't the 1920's where women couldn't vote. Womens sufferage is dead and its people like you who keep bringing it up that actually ostrasize women and make it harder for the ones that are being sucessful. By continually pointing out their apperent "weakness," you make it seem like all women are weak when in reality it is a small percentage, and the women who have sucesfful careers are bearing the brunt of this stereotype. Check yourself, women do not belong to their husbands and unless you're aiming at the young teenage women acting meek and scared to attract macho teen boys, I think you're off your demographic. We have a female secretary of defense, don't worry, women are doing just fine.

    By Blogger Nikki_Jilton, at 12:56 AM  

  • Nevermind, I apologize. I didn't realize you were in India, I'm in America. You're right, two completely different cultures and some places in the world still treat women like objects. Good luck and good job on your blog.

    By Blogger Nikki_Jilton, at 1:04 AM  

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