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Monday, June 19, 2006

I personally never felt so disgusted with this newspaper before....... but this was heights.....

They published this news of people renting out their wife in areas Gujarat. For long Gujarat have had a large number of Tribes (Bedia to name one) who are traditional prostitute. Sex trade is now wearing a different mask, thanks to female infanticide and feoticide, and men are allowing their wives to be a wife of another man, belonging to upper caste, on a monthly rental. And we thought indecent proposal was indecent.

So far so good but what makes this news paper disgusting to me? They complimented this news with an 'item number' a cartoon.

[Disclaimer] Am uploading here the screenshot of that cartoon taken from the E paper site of that daily, as I couldn't figure out how to link the e paper news item.

Did you smile at that Cartoon? You should coz its meant to be funny.


  • There was this foolan devi some time back,,there are child postitutes in big number in INdia, there is female foeticide.. PPl in india sell children.

    We have MP and MLA who cant spend thier fund, the uneducated children in villages and the unemplyed educated youth..why it all does not add up?? i wonder why...

    Which educated ppl willl chose the quality of the MP and MLA we have now??

    The whole smirk in india is related and we just ignore the root cause and fight for more reservation...its the same divide and rule britishes used in india to rule,,we have learnt from them..hindus against muslims, middle class versus poor,..north india against south versus the urban ppl..

    i wish i had the courage and means to atleast shoot one politician,,or maybe open and run a big school to make a difference... :-(

    By Blogger Ankur, at 5:16 PM  

  • Hey this is nothing compared to what you would read about NRI brides from Punjab. Probably you would hear more about them during your conference...

    Stories of how traditionally rich women have been married off to NRIs just because they dream of going to Amrikaaa and they end up working like slaves there...

    By Blogger Jaspreet Oberoi, at 9:17 PM  

  • By this time, u wud b halfway thru or over with ur conf but nehow.

    The stigma like these are own doings as society by large. Illitracy and lack of awareness are the main causes.

    Domestic Violence Bill, Hindu Succession Bill,2004 and some of the recent SC judgements on Imrana's case, against the judgement & fatwas issued by AIMPLB and Darul Uloom are some of the steps in right direction. However, more needs to be
    said and done on the women empowerment/equality issues in general and NRI brides exploitation in particular.

    Will wait for ur feedback.

    Btw, the cartoons are generally put to add more readers to a particular news item. And the'Common Man' has been able to raise millions such issues thru humour/sarcasm. No need to unnecessrily get perturbed by such issues.

    By Blogger Anijay, at 3:17 AM  

  • Well you have only scratched the surface here. Off the cuff I can think of a few other such stories which can send shivers down your spine.

    Like the Rajput village in Rajasthan which has only one daughter.

    Apparently virile Rajput loins don't produce daughters.

    Such a blatant case of mass infantacide and nobody, and I mean nobody takes any action.

    By Blogger Idle Thoughts, at 4:53 AM  

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